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Packing Your Hospital Bag: A Comprehensive Checklist for a Smooth Arrival

With the arrival of a precious little one just a few weeks away, the excitement is building as we eagerly await the new addition to our extended family. As my sister-in-law's due date approaches, the preparation for the big day is in full swing, and a crucial part of that is packing the hospital bag. To ensure a smooth and comfortable experience, we've curated the ultimate hospital bag checklist. This comprehensive guide will help soon-to-be parents prepare for their hospital stay, ensuring they have everything they need for the precious moments ahead. I brought every item on this list to the hospital for all three of my cubs. I had saved it in a note on my phone. Let's dive in and make sure no essential item is overlooked as we get ready to welcome the newest member of our family!

i've always been in love with the MZ Wallace bags due to their amazing organization capabilities. Everything from extra pockets, pouches, and being water resistant (yes! I throw mine in the washer and let it air dry!). The MZ Wallace Sutton Medium is the larger version of the diaper bag that I've recommended in the Ultimate Baby Registry. This will be with you for years!

You'll want to take advantage of the in hospital photographers. Including a personalized blanket in those pictures give them a special touch. It's also something cozy they can start to get familiar with and could become their comfort. I've always been in love with the softness and coziness of the Barefoot Dreams blankets.

Similar to the baby blanket, bringing a hat from home can also add a personal touch to our pictures if you chose to do some at the hospital. Also, it's another option to keep baby's head warm besides what they may give you in the hospital. We've bought this one by The Gap for each one of our cubs. It comes in a variety of sizes and is super cozy!.

It's for the pictures but it's also to make sure they are comfy in their first ride home. We've always brought home our cubs in a cozy one-piece. The Gap also has some great ones here. If you want to go extra fancy we've always loved the ones from Jacadi.

Depending on the time of year, these outfits can vary but I knew a cozy dress would do the trick since it would be easy to pack, throw own, and be cozy. Make sure they are suitable for nursing in case you take that route and need to. Here are some of my favs from Hatch and Old Navy.

I've tried so many brands from designers to Old Navy and Target. I always found the Bravado ones to be the most comfortable, coziest, and ones that took me pre to post natal. They come in a wide variety of colors and truly feel like second skin. I wore these night and day!

You'll probably want to take a shower at some point after delivery. You don't know what's been hanging around the bathroom floors so just better to be safe with flip flops that you could probably toss in your beach bag after you get home. You can't go wrong with Old Navy ones!

Most hospitals DO NOT provide towels so you'll want to make sure you pack you own. You also don't want this to take up a lot of space so I've used the Flow Hydro towels in the past - it's really slim to pack and quick to dry.

You'll want something that's going to store all your essentials:

  • toothbrush + toothpaste

  • contact lens stuff

  • shampoo/conditioner

  • hand sanitizer

  • lotion

  • makeup (you might want some for the in room pictures and going home day!)

I really like this mommy and baby pouch set by Pearhead because they are cute and official.

It's cold in the hospital no matter what time of year and your feet will be thankful for these. You also don't want to be walking barefoot on those hospital floors.

Make sure they are post partum sets so you can have something that already is baggier around the waist and comes with a nursing bras. Some sets come with a robe (another item on this list!) which is convenient as well. I tend to go for darker colors just in case you get a stain here or there.

I marked this optional because it might take up a lot of space. However, if you're ok with that, then I'd say bring the boppy pillow so you can hold baby comfortably will in bed or allow visitors to hold baby wherever they are sitting. It also a huge help in feeding by giving you that extra support!

Other items you'll also want to make sure you pack

  • phone charger

  • insurance card if you have

  • government ID or some form of ID

  • birth plan - good to have this in writing to share with your doctors

  • any test results

  • wallet

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